Emily Garrod, Ph.D.

New York State-Licensed Psychologist & Interpersonal Psychoanalyst

New York City and Beacon, NY

Integrative Approach

An Integrative Approach: I utilize a blend of psychodynamic, cognitive and behavioral therapy approaches, along with eastern body-mind awareness and relaxation training, to help patients identify and change patterns that impede happiness, intimacy, achievement and creative expression.

Interpersonal psychoanalysis provides a framework from which to help you more deeply understand how specific distortions in the way you see yourself and others inhibit trust, serenity, happiness and achievement.

All of us, through adapting to childhood experience, develop limiting fears and preconceptions about ourselves and others. Through talking to me, in detail, about day to day interactions in your life, you can begin to see into your own specific pattern of distortions, and how this pattern impacts personal and professional relationships.

Distortions can be thought of as conditioning. That is, they are characterisitics of perception and behavior that have developed over many years, often from early childhood, and been reinforced over many, many repetitions. Often, they initially came about because they helped us to avoid feeling anxiety with a parent, or other significant person, early in life.

I use cognitive techniques and behavioral therapy, including occasional "homework assignments," to target the behaviors underlying distorted patterns, and to encourage you to practice and reward new, more effective behaviors.

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Emily Garrod, Ph.D.
New York City Office
240 Madison Avenue, Room 10D
New York, NY 10016

(212) 774-7475
Beacon, NY Office
22 Vail Avenue
Beacon, NY 12508

(212) 774-7475