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Emily Garrod, Ph.D.

New York State-Licensed Psychologist & Interpersonal Psychoanalyst

New York City and Beacon, NY

Emily GarrodWe've all heard stories or jokes about "interminable psychotherapy" or psychotherapy that goes on and on for years without creating any real change. I offer an integrated, multimodal approach of Interpersonal psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral techniques, eastern body-mind awareness, and individual, couple and group psychotherapy to help you translate new insights into real behavioral change.

If you have tried before to change belief and behavior patterns that get in your way, you've probably already realized that just knowing something doesn't make sense, or that it creates problems for you, isn't enough to change it. Personality patterns are deeply conditioned. So, the idea alone that they should change is not enough to change them.

This conditioning is, in part, physical. When you try to change, and your new behavior runs contrary to your conditioning, the anxiety locked in your body comes to the surface. Whatever feelings you have avoided through the old pattern then become manifest in a physical way.

When you challenge your old patterns, you may experience fleeting sensations of muscle tension, restlessness, short and shallow breath, cold, clammy sweat, queasy stomach and apprehension or dread. Often, these feelings come up so quickly and subtly that we don't even consciously realize that they have happened at all. Instead, we quickly revert back to our old, familiar behavior patterns, in order to make the anxiety go away. And this all happens so automatically that we don't even realize we have just made a choice.

Psychotherapy can help you identify your own, particular patterns, and to understand why and how they may have developed. My approach can also help you to see these little forks in the road toward change, when they occur. Together, we can slow things down and make the anxiety that accompanies change bearable, so that you begin to see and make new choices that you've never seen or made before.

Understanding you as not simply a personality, but as a complex being, made of mind, body and relational experiences, helps me to maximize the opportunity for your old beliefs, behaviors and feelings to emerge, but to be experienced in a new way.

Individual, couple and group psychotherapy can all contribute to creating a supportive yet challenging environment in which you can feel old feelings in a new way. Feeling old fears, hurts and embarrassments in a way that lets you see that they are really just ghosts of the past, and that they don't have to continue to limit your present and future intimacy, happiness, creativity or success, is a powerful catalyst for change.

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Emily Garrod, Ph.D.
New York City Office
240 Madison Avenue, Room 10D
New York, NY 10016

(212) 774-7475
Beacon, NY Office
22 Vail Avenue
Beacon, NY 12508

(212) 774-7475
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