About Emily Garrod, Ph.D.

New York State-Licensed Psychologist & Interpersonal Psychoanalyst

New York City and Beacon, NY

I am a New York State - licensed psychologist and a Certified Interpersonal Psychoanalyst. During more than twenty years of doing counseling, I have developed a unique blend of psychodynamic, cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques to help patients achieve creative, professional and relational goals, and heal from anxiety disorders, depression and other psychiatric difficulties.

Both during my many years in private practice, and in a variety of positions--from Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University to Chief Psychologist at MDC Brooklyn, a federal prison, I have had the tremendous fortune of learning from a wide variety of patients from all walks of life. All my former patients--whether Ivy league graduate students, artists, writers, other mental health professionals, other Buddhists, serious practitioners of other faiths and disciplines, convicted murderers or suspected terrorists--have taught me something significant about myself and about the practice of counseling.

Using an interpersonal psychodynamic framework, concretized through cognitive techniques and behavioral therapy, and informed by my own daily practice of buddhist meditation, I have been able to help patients heal from a wide range of difficulties, including anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, acute and developmental traumas--such as sexual abuse and other child abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorder, and significant, long-standing personality issues, such as paranoia and borderline, dissociative defenses.

I have particularly extensive experience in the areas of recovery from child abuse, sexual abuse and other trauma; recovery from substance abuse and co-dependence; marriage counseling and relationship enhancement for indivduals and couples; artistic development and creativity; anger management; recovery from eating disorder and development of healthy eating behavior and body image; enhancement of self-esteem; gay/lesbian and bisexual issues and sexual phobia and dysfunction.

My counseling services include individual, couple and group modalities to help each patient achieve his or her maximum potential for positive change.

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Emily Garrod, Ph.D.
New York City Office
240 Madison Avenue, Room 10D
New York, NY 10016

(212) 774-7475
Beacon, NY Office
22 Vail Avenue
Beacon, NY 12508

(212) 774-7475